Meeting Notes

Planned for 5 Mile Urban Hike. We’re now starting at 8:30 to help with the heat. They planned to bring water, sun screen, compass, and hat.

New uniforms are coming in to the store on August 15th. Old uniforms are on sale now. The new uniform is partially in anticipation of the 100th anniversary coming up.

The boys started their First Aid merit badge.

Meeting Notes

Tonight we had a PLC

Meeting plan. Note that meetings are starting at 7:00 again.
7:00 Pre-meeting work/game
7:15 Opening
7:25 Announcement
7:30 Skills
8:00 Planning
8:05 Closing
8:10 Done/Game for those who want to stay later

Meeting Notes

First meeting after Boy Scout camp. We started with Roses and Thorns about Camp Frank Rand (Gorham Scout Ranch, now).

The boys voted on some merit badges to work on next. The boys picked First Aid, Camping, and Disability Awareness. Later on they would like to do Model Railroading.

The boys then selected new roles for the next semester.