Troop 1
Austin, TX

What do I need to take tailgate camping?

What do I need to take for extended (more than a day) backpacking?

What do I need to take for a day hike?

What do I need to take for Summer Camp?



New Medical Form


Tailgate Camping Equipment Checklist-This can be packed in a duffel type bag (since we will not be hiking the equipment in to a camp site), or a backpack.

  • Required:
    ___Sleeping bag (adequate for the season)
    ___extra blanket or sheet (as needed for weather conditions)
    ___Foam pad or air mattress
    ___3 plastic trash bags (for bedding if it rains, for dirty clothes, etc.)
    ___Ground cloth
    ___wash up kit (toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, wash cloth/towel, comb or brush,         deodorant)
    ___toilet paper (just in case)
    ___personal first aid kit
    ___eating utensils (bowl, cup, fork, spoon, knife)
    ___junky shoes or water shoes
              Scout uniform (class A uniform must be worn when we leave and return from a trip)
              shirts (scout t-shirts)
              sweat suit/long johns (if needed)
              coat/gloves (if needed)
              stocking cap (if needed)
    ___Totin Chip
    ___pocket knife (if you have your Totin Chip) NO SHEATH KNIVES
    ___Fireman's Chit
    ___Scout Book and notebook & pen
    ___flashlight with extra batteries
    ___nylon cord (for clothes lines, etc.)
    ___Rain gear

  • Optional
    ___sewing kit
    ___camera & film
    ___books (merit badge pamphlets, bedtime reading, etc.)
    ___camp stool
    ___spending money (for snacks, patches, etc.)
    ___Bathing suit and beach towel (if needed)

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Extended Backpacking Equipment Checklist - This will need to be packed in a backpack.  Pack light because the boys will be carrying their backpack for an extended period of time.  Items listed below are minimum Qty.

  • Required
    ___backpack (to pack everything in)
    ___Sleeping bag (adequate for the season)
    ___Sleeping pad
    ___plastic trash bags (for dirty clothes, etc.)
    ___large plastic trash bags (to cover backpack if raining.)
    ___Wash up kit (toothbrush, toothpaste, etc.)
    ___Toilet Paper (remove the cardboard roll and squeeze flat/store in a plastic bag)
    ___eating utensils (bowl, cup, fork, spoon, knife)
    ___Clothing (light weight things that don't weigh too much (nylon shorts etc.))
    ___Good pair of hiking boots / shoes
    ___2 pair of Boot socks
    ___2 pair of liner socks
    ___Totin' Chip
    ___Pocket Knife (if you have your Totin Chip) NO SHEATH KNIVES
    ___Fireman's Chit
    ___flashlight with spare batteries
    ___Rain gear
    ___Personal first aid kit
    ___backpacking stove (if you have one)
    ___backpacking cooking pots (if you have some)

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Day Hike Equipment Checklist-Pack in a day pack(bookbag type pack) or a large fanny pack

  • Required
    ___Fanny pack or Back pack
    ___Clothing appropriate for weather
    ___Boots or good hiking shoes
    ___extra pair of boot socks
    ___extra pair of liner socks
    ___Rain gear
    ___Water bottles (2 - 1 Liter bottles)
    ___Trail snacks
    ___Personal first aid kit

  • Optional
    ___walking stick
    ___pocket knife (If you have your Totin Chip) NO SHEATH KNIVES
    ___sun glasses
    ___insect repellent

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Summer Camp Equipment Checklist-pack in a footlocker with a padlock

  • Basic equipment
    ___Scout uniform-Scout shirt, Scout shorts, Scout belt, Scout socks and Scouting t-shirts
    ___Medical form completed
    ___extra clothing-socks, underwear, shoes, shorts, long pants
    ___sweatshirt or light jacket
    ___sleeping bag and pillow or bed sheets and pillow
    ___poncho or rain gear
    ___swim trunks
    ___soap, comb, toothbrush and other personal items
    ___Scout Handbook, pens pencils, notebook with paper
    ___money for crafts, merit badges and merit badge books, and Trading Post
    ___sunscreen, insect repellent, knapsack
    ___flashlight and pocket knife

  • Pathfinder participants additional equipment-First year campers
    ___backpack for overnighter
    ___canteen, mess kit, utensils
    ___boots or comfortable shoes for hiking
    ___personal first aid kit
    ___sleeping bag and sleeping pad

  • Ranger and Adventure to Eagle Participants additional equipment
    ___gloves for rappelling
    ___wool socks-2 pair
    ___hat or cap
    ___strap for glasses if you wear glasses
    ___long pants
    ___water bottle/canteen
    ___waterproof sunscreen
    ___nylon windbreaker (to wear on river)
    ___shoes to get wet/river sandals
    ___bathing suit
    ___daypack or small backpack

Never bring sheath knives, electronics, valuables, inappropriate clothing, or bad attitudes.